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26 Oct

Hello all! I’m Mandy. Sometimes Amanda, depending on who you ask. Or, as soon will be the case, which one of my books you’re reading. I write light-hearted romantic comedies under Mandy Hubbard (For Razorbill, which is a division of Penguin) and I also write darker, literary work under Amanda Grace (For Flux, a division of Llewellyn Worlwide).

I live near Seattle , Washington , with my hubby and two year old daughter. I’m a food-addict, a sucker for romantic movies and books, and I could spend all day watching it rain.

My first book, PRADA & PREJUDICE, came out in June, and is available in stores nationwide ( USA ) and in Canada . It’s been really amazing to finally, finally have a book available and to talk to readers about it! Fictionpress members have been amazingly supportive and I’ve received a lot of emails and PM’s from Fpers. Thank you so much for supporting me! I’m super excited to get to know you guys through this blog, and hopefully more FP folks will be making the jump to publication.

As for what I’m doing now, well, I recently turned in revisions for my novella, DRIVEN, which is a romance for Harlequin. For twenty-five minutes, I was gloriously free of deadlines. Then I received a revision letter from Razorbill for YOU WISH, my August 2010 release for young adults.

Here’s the status of my projects under contract:

DRIVEN–NASCAR-Harlequin romance novella written as Mandy Hubbard (pubs: June 2010): Revised draft turned in.

YOU WISH, a romantic comedy for Young Adults written as Mandy Hubbarde (pubs: August 2010): Received revision letter—revised manuscript due November 19th!

SHATTERED, a darker literary book about a girl in an abusive relationship written as Amanda Grace (pubs: 2011): Recently contracted—no revision letter yet!

TBD, YA written as Amanda Grace (Pubs: 2012). Not even written yet!

Aside from the projects under contract, I have a number of projects in various stages. I can’t wait to get to writing them, and the second I’m deadline free I’ll be fast-drafting something new!

Anyway, thanks for letting me share what I’m up to. Really excited to get this blog going!

Mandy Hubbard/Amanda Grace

Currently ReadingHush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

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