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Question of the Week: Writing Traditions

4 Dec

For those who haven’t heard, Sarah J. Maas is in Cairo, Egypt at the moment (lucky girl!) so I (Savannah J. Foley) am borrowing her account and keeping things going while she’s gone. We miss you Sarah!

This week’s QoTW comes from Kate, who asked: “Do you have any traditions associated with writing?”


My “ritual” before writing would be to prepare myself a cup of tea. Then I check out what scene I’ll be writing from my chapters outline and make myself a playlist of soundtracks or classical music (anything without lyrics) to set the mood that accords with the scene I’m working on. Hmmmm…..yes, that’s about it!

The Writer Who Just Started Querying


I wouldn’t say I have too many traditions, other than finding ways to avoid sitting down in that computer chair.  I’m not like some superstitious ballplayer that needs to wear the same pair of socks the entire time while I’m working on my first draft.  I do tend to write drafts best when I’m at home, at my own desk – often late at night, and preferably with some kind of caffiene-laden drink close at hand. Sometimes I have music on, sometimes not.  When I do, it tends to be movie soundtracks or light classical music that will put me in a storytelling mood, but not evoke any particular memory.   (James Horner’s score to “Braveheart” works, but “Titanic” does not.)  On the other hand, I can edit just about anywhere – and I frequently do.

The Writer Who’s Writing Queries


My traditions regarding is to open my YouTube account and iTunes. I really like listening to music when I write, but sometimes my iTunes playlist doesn’t always help me write. I then choose a song (sometimes it is part of my playlist, sometimes it is a random song, etc.) and click on my Microsoft Word document of my work-in-progress. My document is always open because I never know when I am going to get the motivation or a sudden idea to add. 🙂 Then, I let my fingers dance across the keyboard and write.

The Writer Writing Her First Novel


I’m very particular about how my laptop screen works while I’m writing. I don’t like to have many programs open at once, and I make sure all I can see is the word document. I want the page to cover almost my entire laptop screen. I usually write in Garamond 12, but I edit in Times New Roman 12.

As for method traditions… I like to name my story early on. It helps define it in my mind. I usually sketch out chapters or snippets of writing in a physical notebook before transferring it onto my laptop. I try to write a little bit in my notebook each day, usually before I go to bed when I’m really tired and everything comes out emotionally, but doesn’t make much logical sense. I figure I can fix messy, but not dry.

The Writer Who Is Also on Submissions


Thanks so much for your question Kate!

Audience, what are YOUR traditions?

Ask the Audience!

2 Dec

Today we thought we’d do something a little different and ask our audience a question instead of answering questions ourselves!

The question we wish to ask you is this: What tense and POV do you prefer to write in?

We look forward to hearing your answers!