YoungArts Program!

13 Oct

We recently got an email from a reader, Jules, about a program that sounds pretty great. Jules sums it up well in her email, so we’ll just let her do the talking!


My name is Jules. I wanted to ask if you all would post a blog about the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts’ YoungArts Program (  I was a winner in poetry this year and can attest to the fact that it is everything it is cracked up to be.  In addition to having the fantastic experience of working with the country’s finest upcoming artists (and specifically writers) in Miami and later New York City, I had the opportunity to work with playwrights John Guare and Edward Albee, and even meet legend Mikhail Baryshnikov (and direct a play in his studio – swoon).  The high school seniors who apply (17- and 18-year-olds only) and are accepted as finalists will have a vastly different experience than I had, but I’m confident that it will be just as inspiring and long-term rewarding. 🙂

The deadline is October 15th, so all talented writers interested in Novel Writing, Short Fiction, Poetry, and Screenwriting (or any above combination of three) need to get moving!  Even if you don’t think you’re good enough, please try – I certainly never expected to get my congratulatory phone call over Thanksgiving telling me my life was about to be changed.

Again, the website is, and my email is asylumbabe AT hotmail DOT com if anyone has questions regarding the application process or my experience during Arts Week (Miami) or the winners’ In the Studio (New York City).


Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Jules!

And don’t miss Sammy’s great post today about being an intern for a literary agency 🙂 I hear there are cupcakes involved!

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