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Vote for the Short Story Ending Contest Winner!

17 Jul

The Short Story Ending Contest is now open for voting! We’ve got seven great endings. Go pick your favorite 😀

Voting’s being held at the Katacomb!

Book Giveaway: The Foretelling by Alice Hoffman

11 Jul

I was born out of sorrow, so my mother named me Rain.

So begins The Foretelling; a favourite book of mine which I read a few years ago. It is a very short story, but the lyrical beauty of Hoffman’s prose is absolutely enchanting. Rain, a young woman shunned by her own mother, struggles in her search for her own identity. She is desperate to prove herself in a society of strong Amazon women; but she will soon discover that she sees a different future for herself.

After recently discovering that I actually had two copies of this book, I’ve decided to give one of them away!

Here’s the description from Goodreads:

A stunning tale of primal power and mythic beauty from a New York Times bestselling author. Rain is a girl of the Amazon tribe of women warriors, the daughter of Queen Alina, living in a time of blood and fear. As the future leader of her people, she must seek and hold fast to her inner warrior. But amid the horrors of the battlefield, Rain is startled and mystified by the first stirrings of mercy towards the enemy–men–within her. What she encounters along the poignant and harrowing path toward her destiny–a kind young man, a strange recurrent prophecy, and a condemned baby brother–lead her, against odds, to forge mercy, love, and peace.


I think any writer could learn from Hoffman’s prose; she absolutely amazes me. And any reader would be entranced by her prose and storytelling.

How to enter:
This contest is open internationally.
All you need to do is leave a comment and your email to be entered in the contest. For extra entries, you can do any (or all!) of the following:

+1 for following LTWF on Twitter (add your twitter name to your comment so I know you’re following)
+1 for being a fan on Facebook
+3 for following this blog – (if you don’t, just subscribe to us with your email!)
+1 for sharing this contest on Twitter – (please provide the link of your tweet in the comments)
+2 for sharing this contest on your blog – just be sure to leave a link (so that we know who you are, and how you’re sharing it!)

There are 9 entries in total. Don’t forget adding your email so that we can contact you!

The contest ends at noon EST on Saturday, July 31st. The winner will be picked using random.org, and will be announced on Sunday, August 1st.

Good luck!


Short Story Ending Contest!

10 Jul

Special Report

Kat Zhang is having a contest over at her blog, The Katacomb. Here’s a little blurb explaining how things work. Check it out if you’re interested!


Okay, it’s time for another contest! (And this one is a real contest, I swear…) Below, I have posted the first couple paragraphs of a short story. Your job is to finish it. You can take ten pages if you want. Or, you could take a single paragraph. Doesn’t matter to me–just write me the best ending you can think of!

The contest ends next Friday, July 16, at midnight EST. You have a week–get going!

What’s the prize? I’m offering another 15,000 word critique. The people I edited for last time seem to think I didn’t do such a bad job 😀 I’m very in-depth with my comments, addressing character arc, plot troubles, description, writing flow, etc. In other words, I do line critiques AND give my general thoughts at the end. So don’t think I’ll just be sending you a little paragraph or something.

But if writing short stories isn’t for you, you can still win a 5,000 word critique just by tweeting or blogging about this contest. You get 1 entry per tweet (total of 5, one per day), and 2 entries for a blog post! (please link your posts for me in the comments and put @Katzhang at the END of your tweets)

Please email your short story endings to me at katzhang3 AT gmail DOT com. I will post the entries up once the contest is over (I won’t say who wrote which one!), and I’ll let you guys vote for the winner!

Alright. I’m very excited about this! Don’t let me down, my fellow writers…I want to know how this story ends!


The beginning of the short story is at The Katacomb. Please direct all comments and links to tweets/blog posts over there. Thanks a lot, and get cracking on that short story ending!

WINGS Winner!

4 Jul

The winner for the Supernatural Tour Giveaway Part 2 is…


Glaiza will receive a signed copy of Aprilynne Pike’s YA debut, Wings!

Laurel was mesmerized, staring at the pale things with wide eyes. They were terrifyingly beautiful—too beautiful for words.

Laurel turned to the mirror again, her eyes on the hovering petals that floated beside her head. They looked almost like wings.

In this extraordinary tale of magic and intrigue, romance and danger, everything you thought you knew about faeries will be changed forever.


[Description from Goodreads]

Congrats Glaiza!

Query Critique Contest!

16 Jun

Lately we’ve seen some fabulous Query Critique Contests and we wanted to open up the opportunity for our readers to submit their queries and get our feedback on them!

The Rules

  1. Email your query to letthewordsflowblog at gmail dot com. We will pick a few queries and publicly critique them next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
  2. Please include whether it is okay for us to use your name in association with your query or if you would prefer it to remain anonymous. If you like we can link to your blog as well, just be sure to include links!
  3. We are going to pick a few queries to critique, but we’re not going to be basing our decisions off anything concrete. Essentially the queries we think we can give the best feedback on will be selected.
  4. Please have your queries into us by Friday so we have time to work on them over the weekend!
  5. We’ll all be critiquing as a group, so it doesn’t matter who the query is addressed to, but if you’re a stickler for details you can address your query to any of us, including Sammy (see below), or leave it at Dear Agent.
  6. Prizes? Queries selected will receive multiple critiques; how awesome is that?!

Also, guest critiquing with us will be Samantha Bina, a contributor to Plagiarism Haven and an intern at the Elaine P. English literary agency in Washington D.C.!

Hit us up with any questions in the comments!


And the Winner is….

12 Jun

The winner for the Supernatural Tour Giveaway is…


Please email us at letthewordsflowblog@gmail.com with your mailing address and important details!

Marina will receive a signed copy of Kim Harrison’s YA novel ONCE DEAD, TWICE SHY!

“My name is Madison Avery, and I’m here to tell you that there’s more out there than you can see, hear, or touch. Because I’m there. Seeing it. Touching it. Living it.”

Madison’s prom was killer—literally. For some reason she’s been targeted by a dark reaper—yeah, that kind of reaper—intent on getting rid of her, body and soul. But before the reaper could finish the job, Madison was able to snag his strange, glowing amulet and get away.

Now she’s stuck on Earth—dead but not gone. Somehow the amulet gives her the illusion of a body, allowing her to toe the line between life and death. She still doesn’t know why the dark reaper is after her, but she’s not about to just sit around and let fate take its course.

With a little ingenuity, some light-bending, and the help of a light reaper (one of the good guys! Maybe . . . ), her cute crush, and oh yeah, her guardian angel, Madison’s ready to take control of her own destiny once and for all, before it takes control of her.

Well, if she believed in that stuff.

[Synopsis from Goodreads]




Don’t forget to check out Savannah’s Book Recommendation for A FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH, and our Saturday Grab Bag Post!

Winner of the Book Cover Contest!

15 May

Today we are pleased to announce the winner of the Book Cover Contest.

Earlier this week we asked our readers to help us make a decision through voting by poll. A clear winner emerged with almost 30% of the votes, and so we are incredibly excited to let everyone know that Victoria Dixon’s MOURN THEIR COURAGE is our winner!

Victoria will receive either a critique of a Query Letter, a critique of the first 3 chapters of a novel, or a critique of a short story.

Congratulations Victoria, and thank you to everyone who participated!

Book Cover and Comedy Contest Winners!

11 May

Recently we ran two contest, the Book Cover Contest and the Comedy Contest. The deadline for entries was May 1st.



We received tons of great entries for the Book Cover Contest, including for some books that had already been published! Because of the variety of entries, making a final decision was very difficult, and ultimately we decided to let our audience pick the winner via poll!

Come see our favorite entries below the cut!

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Book Cover Contest!

16 Apr

In honor of our most recent post about our favorite book covers, we decided to launch a Book Cover Contest!

The Rules:

  1. You can make a book cover for your own book, an existing book, or one of our books!
  2. You can include whatever text you want (quotes, mini-reviews, etc.), but the only text that you MUST include is the title of the book and the author’s name.
  3. You must credit the source of any artwork you use.
  4. All entries must be received by May 1st. We will announce the winners on Tuesday, May 11th.
  5. Please format your entry as either a .jpeg or .png.
  6. All entries must be emailed to our gmail address: letthewordsflowblog@gmail.com
  7. We will judge based on composition, originality, and quality of artwork!

The Prizes!

We are offering either a critique of a Query Letter, a critique of the first 3 chapters of your story, or a critique of a short story.


And that’s it! If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.

Our Comedy Contest is also still in effect, and the deadline for that is also May 1st!

The Rules of Comedy — AND A COMEDY CONTEST!

1 Apr

by Biljana Likic


So today is April Fool’s Day! Just about the only day you can get away with lame jokes like tying people’s shoelaces together and messing with the kitchen faucet without getting a smack upside the head. And what other day could possibly be so fitting to talk about a couple rules of comedy and kick off a contest?

So that’s exactly what we’re doing! (And yes, the contest is real. And no, that’s not a joke either.)

The Basics:

Write a maximum 1000-word story or comprehensible excerpt using at least three Rules of Comedy. It may be written in narrative or script (with stage directions included.)

The Goods:

The winner will receive a bag of confectionary goodies and a critique of the first 50 pages of your novel. The 50-page critique can be substituted by a critique of the first three chapters of a novel, a query letter critique, or a guest post on Let the Words Flow.

The Fine Print:

The contest begins today, April 1st, (once again, it’s real!) and ends on May 1st at midnight, EDT.  We will not admit any late entries, so be sure to send it in time. The winner will be selected by the LTWF contributors, and announced on Tuesday, May 11th.

No multiple submissions!

No plagiarizing or stealing jokes from comedians or other writers! In the comedy scene, as well as in the writing scene, stealing jokes and ideas is considered very low. If your work is inspired (there is a difference) by another’s idea, tell us so. No Fan Fiction, but parodies of pop culture are allowed.

Send your admissions in to letthewordsflowblog@gmail.com.

If there are any general questions, or if there is any confusion about the rules of the contest, let us know in the comments.


And now, the actual post!

Today, I’m going to talk to you about all the glories of being funny. Funny, (and this might surprise you, because of the ease with which I do it,) can be harder than drama. Telling a joke can be harder than telling someone their car has been impounded. Coincidentally, telling someone their car’s been impounded can be as funny as telling a joke. And that is the beauty of comedy. Totally versatile. And therein lies the problem.

There are so many people out there, and there are so many styles of humour, that you will always, from the start, have to accept that not everybody will find you funny. There’s no way to be King or Queen of Comedy, (unless you’re me, of course,) so you might as well just tell yourself right now that some people are either going to think that you’re an idiot, a very crude person, a pompous jerk (chiming in, right here,) or a little bit pathetic.

However! There is salvation! There are certain things in comedy that are pretty much universal to every form of humour. There are rules you can follow, and if you do them well, you can make your way steadily to achieving Comic Gold. I’m going to talk about five basic ones. These aren’t the only ones, but they’re very common. I can almost guarantee that you’ve experienced these in real life before.

So let us begin!


1. Mistaken Identity: Also like a comedy of errors. It’s when a person or a group of people think that somebody or a group of somebody’s are something other than what they are. The comedy comes from the audience knowing what’s going on. Sometimes, the identity is revealed to rip-roaring laughter. Other times, it’s not revealed. Also to rip-roaring laughter.

Example: In the movie The Road to El Dorado, Tulio and Miguel have been captured by the natives of El Dorado. They think they’re going to be killed, but they’re actually mistaken for gods. (Side note: this is one of my all-time favourite movies.)

2. One-upmanship: One-upmanship is when either one or all of the characters involved attempt to continuously outdo or impress the others. Can be the start of many fights, can end in corny ‘yo mama’ jokes, but can also be very funny.

Example: Between two Gr12 high school students in Canada. In dialogue form!

A: What are you doing after high school?
B: Thinking of taking a year off. You?
A: Actually I got into my first choice for university.
B: Oh I…I teach there.
A: Really? I didn’t tell you the name…
B: I teach at…every university. I’m like a sub, like a sub-prof, kind of like a sub-marine, but I’m not actually in the army.
A: Hey my brother’s coming home this weekend. He’s in the navy; just won a medal for courage.
B: Oh really? I’m…Actually I’m a war vet. Yeah I was uh…fought in Vietnam.
A: Canada didn’t fight in Vietnam.
B: Nope. Nope. But I have…triple citizenship. From Bulgaria, Estonia, and Australia. And Canada.
A: That’s four.
B: Yeah they made it special. Just for me. Special. From the uh…government.
A: …Great. Well I have to go—
B: I’m a spy.

3. Straight Man/Crazy Man: This is when there are two or more people. One of them is crazy and the other one is completely normal, and they get into a situation where the ‘straight man’ stays realistic in order to contrast the ‘crazy man’s’ words or actions.

Example: Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie from A Bit of Fry and Laurie. Notice how immediately, Stephen Fry’s character, (like any normal person in real life,) thinks Hugh Laurie’s character is crazy.

4. The Illustrious Magic Three: Magic Three’s aren’t only popular in comedy; they’re popular everywhere. Everybody says how good things and bad things come in threes, and in comedy, it’s no different. If you say something once and it’s funny, it’ll be funny again the second time, but the THIRD time, it’ll be hilarious.

Exmaple: Sorry guys, couldn’t embed this one. The Magic Three is very easy to spot.


5. Specificity: In writing, oftentimes, specifics can get boring. But in comedy…yeah they can also get boring. Sometimes though, specifics can be awesome. Adding superfluous details can make a situation funnier, because they make you think of things in ways you wouldn’t have. This makes it new. Just be careful to not overdo it.

Example: Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry again! I love them… Pay attention to Stephen Fry’s speech patterns.


Now, I know. I know. What works on video doesn’t always work in text. I showed you videos because every time I tried to write a little funny tidbit, excepting the dialogue, it ended up sounding lame. It’s astoundingly hard to show something like a Magic Three in a paragraph without sounding repetitive, and for Straight Man/Crazy Man you have to establish a whole relationship.

So really, this isn’t only a contest, but a challenge. I’m giving you 1000 words to get out everything you can.

Because it’s so hard, and because my examples weren’t very writing oriented, feel free to ask any questions. If you have an idea for let’s say, Specificity, but you aren’t sure if you’re doing it right, don’t be afraid to email LTWF (letthewordsflowblog@gmail.com) with “Comedy Contest Help” in the subject box. I’d be more than happy to help. That said though, I will not be helping anyone with the writing. I’ll just be there for guidance about the Rules of Comedy.

That’s all! Good luck everybody. We’re all ready to fall off our chairs laughing.


Biljana Likic is an aspiring author, currently revising her first novel, TIME IS A FUNNY THING. She’s in her final year of high school, waiting and waiting to graduate, finish university, and finally have all the time in the world to write. You can visit her blog here, and check out her work on her FictionPress account.