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My First E-Reader: The Barnes & Noble Nook

27 Apr

by Savannah J. Foley


Last week I was given a surprise gift, as an appreciation for Administrative Professional’s Day: The Nook, from Barnes & Noble!!! (You can be sure the person who gave it to me received a very lovely thank-you note on Monday).

I was shocked. An e-book reader? Me? I had some Amazon gift cards left over from Christmas, and while I had considered purchasing a Kindle I ultimately decided to purchase real books instead. At the time, I figured, “Spend $200 of gift cards plus $60 of my own money on a Kindle, winding up with a Kindle and no books, OR spend all $200 on books and have many books!”

As some of you might remember, I chose ‘many books’. They are still trickling in as some were advanced purchases, and I’ve made it through three so far 🙂 Thanks again everyone for your suggestions!

Anyway, so I had decided against an e-book reader earlier this year. Plus, you know, I have a loyalty to books. Physical books are what put me where I am today. I believed in the romance of paper books; the smell, the sight, the touch, the dog-eared pages, the author’s picture in the jacket flap… I knew that e-book readers were the way of the future, and I knew that I would come around eventually, but I wanted to hold out for a more technologically advanced version (yes, even more advanced than the iPad). I believe in The Future.

But now that one fell into my lap, excitement gripped me! My own Nook! My own mini-computer with which to read books off of! What what! I couldn’t wait to get it home so I could play with it. I waited all day just to open it, but once I actual sat down to do it, I was faced with a problem: How?

(I’ll apologize right now that my MacBook takes pictures like it’s a mirror, so all of these pictures are backwards)

Seriously, this thing was bound so tight I’m surprised I could find seams in the white cardboard. Immediately I understood why they had such a strict return policy… the Nook was near impossible to open. I didn’t think I was going to get it out…

Then, I realized it was meant to slide out of its case *Facepalm*. Continue reading