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Let The Words Flow was an idea created by Sarah J. Maas and Mandy Hubbard in October 2009. The name was taken from FictionPress.com’s tagline.

Contributors to Let the Words Flow are writers and readers, editors and PR-gurus. We hail from Washington to Alabama, Boston to Los Angeles, Toronto to Ohio. Despite our differences, we have one thing in common: FictionPress.

It’s how we got started, and the reason we’ve gathered together. For some of us, FictionPress has given us the courage to pursue our dreams of publication. For others, it was a sounding board for ideas, and a great way to meet amazing, talented people. No matter what the reason, we can’t deny that FictionPress is incredible, and its potential to spread the word about our books and careers is immense.

So we made Let the Words Flow to harness that power. We want to get the word out about FictionPress authors who are breaking into the Real World of Publishing, and we want to be a source for new and young writers who don’t know anything about Publishing and need a friend to guide them through it.

We strive to be approachable so we can give you help when you need it. We hope that the articles and resources we provide for you here will encourage your own dreams of publication, and offer valuable information from the people who have been there, and struggled, too.

So, we’re here. And we’re here to prove to you, and everyone at FictionPress, that getting published for real can happen, if you’re willing to work hard enough. FictionPress bolstered our dreams and gave us that push out the door: it’s time we returned the favor.

For details about our blog, including some features you might not be aware of, visit this post here.

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